Once upon a time there was a little puppy boy
 He was in love with his kitty lover
 And the kitty was very in love with him too
 Today was a very sunny day
 They decided it was the perfect time to go on a picnic date
 They woke up nice and early
 The puppy mde yummy sandwiches and some mango juice to eat and drink
 The kitty packed the picnic basket, including a soft blanket to sit on
 Smiling, they walked to the park
 They sat down under their favorite tree
 The sandwiches were delcious and the kitty gave a sweet kiss as a thank you
 The puppy got very sleepy and curled up in the kitty's lap
 The kitty read a book out loud as the the little pup fell asleep
 Soon the kitty fell asleep as well
 Goodnight little lovers
Once upon a time there was a little brown bear that lived in the woods
Every day he'd eat honey and turn nice and fat
He'd spend his days napping in the shade
Having the soft flowers cushion him
He was such a soft bear
Everyday was so comfy and cushioned
But one day as he was eating honey he heard something strange
It was a high pitched little cry
Almost like a bunny
The fluffy bear waddled through the forest to find the sound
He found a little white kitten all alone
She was hiding in the clover
Hello said the bear to the little kitten
The kitten was so shocked she stopped crying
She said hello back and climbed out of the clover
Now the soft bear was as tiny as the kitten was
So she felt very very safe with him
She told him how she had been abandoned and had no where to go
So the friendly bear said she could live with him
The kitten was so happy she gave him a big smooch
The bear took him to his house which was the inside of his honey tree
It was so homey
He had a cute little bed
The kitty yawned big
She was so sleepy
So the bear bear and the kitty took a big nap
When they woke up the bear showed her his honey
She nommed so fast
The honey was so yummy
Sp good
Slowly the bear showed the kitty how to live in the forest
And they fell in loveeeeee
Two mimirs who fell asleep holding each other
Giving honey kissies throughout the day
And they loved each other every day
As they lived happily ever after
The end
Once upon time there was a soft little puppy
He sat in a little pet shop on the edge of town
He had a little blue bow tied around his chubby little neck
Every day he waited so patiently every day for his new owner to come
But as the days went by he got tired of waiting
He gave up hope of ever meeting that special person
But then suddenly one day a girl showed up
She rushed over to his little cage
She called him darling and petted him so fondly
the puppy loved her so much
He kept licking her face so much
She was his forever person
She brought him home and sat him in a nice plush bed
And as he snuggled she put a pretty collar on him
His new name was Leonel and he would be her puppy forever
Once upon a time lived a handsome young man named Leonel
He got his name because he was born with the most beautiful hair
It resembled the mane of a beautiful lion
He lived in a cottage with his wicked grandmother
She wouldn't let him explore or leave the forest
Only once a day she would let him leave to gather mushrooms
He would walk gently around with his cute little wicker basket
All the animals of the forest would flock to him
For he had the most pure heart that they had ever seen
One day the young man found a peculiar mushroom
It was a soft red with blonde strands poking out of it
He plucked it but instead of putting it in his basket
He placed it in his pocket
Later at night when he was alone he took  it out
It hadn't wilted or crumpled at all
Curious he took a bite
Suddenly the mushroom transformed into a young women
She had blonde hair that he immediately wanted to touch
She held his hands and thanked him for releasing her from the curse
But it wouldn't last
There was more mushrooms in the forest that held pieces of her heart
He would have to find them all to fix her
With his great pure heart he promised to help her
She gave him a big hug as a thank you
Each day he found more and more pieces of her as he carried her as a mushroom in his pockets
Every day she slowly fell more and more in love with him
With his soft doe eyes
His soft hands
How she wished terribly that she could take him to get kingdom
Crown him as her prince
But until she had all her pieces she wouldn't be able to
Soon they had almost all the pieces but one
As they excitedly talked about running away from the wicked grandmother she found them
She took the precious mushrooms and threw them in the stream
She chased the boy and the mushroom girl out of the house
The girl and boy cried because how could they be free if they could never leave the forest
Full of love the boy pulled the girl close and kissed her
A magical glow surrounded them
The pureness of his heart was stronger than any magic mushroom
When he pulled away he found himself covered in most elegant clothes
She told him excitedly how she was a princess
And how she had loved him from the moment he picked her up
She asked him to marry her
The boy who was now a prince excitedly said yes
So the next day the mushroom princess and the price were married
They lived happily ever after the end
So there was once a handsome prince named leo that lived in a castle far away :milky_way: nsns
The little castle was a very pretty shade of blue, and he had a wonderful merrygoround on his garden with so many cute horses 
However the prince was lonely on his castle, so he travelled many many lands to find someone to spend his life with and love
He travelled to a witches house one day, and he noticed the witch had the prettiest little doll sitting on the llttlest chair the little doll caught leo's attention
So he asked if he could see her
And the witch refused but leo wanted the little doll so bad
The witch proposed a deal, so leo would have to bring her items for a potion the witch wanted to make
So leo rode on his horse to an enchanted forest to find everything 
Leo first had to search for a tiny black kitten named demi, who had eyes so golden she could make them shine even in the dakest nights
Demi liked to collect different kinds of fluffy matterials
The witch wanted wool from a sheep only demi knew
So leo looked for demi all over the forest
When he finally found her, demi was resting in the wool the witch wanted
Demi didnt want to give out the wool tho
Demi was smart and she knew the witch
Demi told leo the little doll she saw in the witches house was enchanted
It used to be the most beautiful princess there was
So demi wanted to resque the primcess
With leo
They both looked for the next materials
Three ugly frogs, a fallen hair from a dumb little girl, and rhinestone
When approaching the witches house, demi hid inside of leos backpack
Leo gave all the materials to the witch
But when she least expected, demi came out of leos backpack to attack her
Leo held the little doll on his arms
And ran away with demi
Leo then went to his castke with the doll
Demi told him the only way for her to turn back was to give her a true love kiss
So leo kissed the little doll
And she transformed into the most beautiful, cute and chub princess anyone has ever seen :two_hearts::sparkles:
The princess was incredibly charming and gentle
She was kind and wanted to make the world a better place
She was finally free from her curse
And she was free to love leo back
She looked like an actual angel and her voice was of a chore of them
She was perfect
Leo and dolly married
They played on leos castle and little merrygoround always
They lived happily ever after

The sun and moon had loved each other for as long as the universe existed
The sun burned bright with affection for their lover
And the moon happily reflected their burning passion
But despite their deep feelings for each other, they were so far apart
So they devised a plan to be able to be with each other
Once the new millennium reached Earth
The sun and moon were born again as little loves
Finally able to hold each other so close
The end