A place where I spin words of affection for my beloved

a girl uses a laptop to browse the internet


Oh my beautiful moon,who I gaze at every night,tell me Can you feel my passion? Does my voice carry into your starry alcove? Your heaven near out of my reach, Each night I sing you songs of my heart, for you are the celestial body I want so close to me,my beautiful moon

an arrow points down from a wifi symbol, another arrow points up to various creative supplies


You are like God, so sweet and true

The angels could never recreate you


With you I am free. Free as the Sparrows that break through dawn. As free as the stream strolling along.Do you feel this freedom as well? This great warmth that sprouts from your chest? You are my nature and my nuture. Bringing me to fruition.

Just a Phrase

Do you not understand what your words mean to me;

How for a whisper I'd cross the sea

Thank you Aphrodite

Aphrodite, goddess of beauty

Yet, also goddess of love

Do you hear me?

Did you hear me?

I think you heard my prayers

Because now there is a boy next to me

Now there is love next to me

Thank you Aphrodite