Oranges and Strawberries

I created Oranges and Strawberries as a Valentine's Day present for my love of my life and boyfriend. This website is a product of all the love and support you have given me darling. Here I will archive things I have made for you and those that will come in the future. Make sure to click on pictures to find links to other pages. Together we are sweet fruits full of love.

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Febuary 14 2021Launched Oranges and Strawberries!!!

March 9 2021Added page for games and added Plushies 2!!

March 18 2021Changed cursor into a kitty paw and another link for material credit!!

April 14 2021New story on stories page

May 12 2021Added new video to Cinderella playlist

June 26 2021Updated 2021 Art

July 20 2021Updated Coloring Pages

August 30 2021 Old Fly Me to the Moon cover added to videos page

September 27 2021Short lovey poem!

October 11 2021Deleted and added songs

October 26 2021Fixed plushie game to display working images

November 20 2021Changed layout of Timothy and Basie page

January 19 2022Changed layout of Stories or Bedtime page

Febuary 14 2022 Happy One year anniversary!

Febuary 26 2022Uploaded 2021 Art

March 9 2022Added new poem

March 17 2022New song in love songs and changed return link color on the page

March 31 2022Puppy game added

April 14 2022Link color and text waterfall added on Timothy and Basie page

Febuary 8 2023New main bg and font colors

July 15 2022New Story

August 23 2022Changed bg to drawings page

January 12 2023Replaced text on front page to Wordart

Febuary 8 2023New main bg and font colors

April 14 2023Changed bg again, changed "logo" and changed font color